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19:23:06, Monday, 27 Mar 2017
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Sudan In Pictures

2009 Sudan In Pictures

- Northern Sudan Road Trip, Khartoum to Dongola, Wadi Halfa and Abu Hamad, Part I - Part I (MAP)Part II - Part II (MAP) - Part III - Part III (MAP) - Part IV - Part IV (MAP) - Part V - Part V (MAP)

- WFP Barge Convoy from Malakal to Nasser and Akobo, Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV

- Duk Padiet Attack

- LRA attacks increasing in Western Equatoria

- UNMIS Troops Patrol The Abyei Area

- Permanent Court of Arbitration Ruling on Abyei

- Arrow Boys of Western Equatoria Sate
- Nuba Mountains
- Water Scarcity in the Nuba Mountains
- Mine Action: Victiim Assistance and Mine Risk Awareness in South Kordofan
- ABYEI: One Year of The Road Map
- Peacekeepers Day
- Development in Southern Kordofan
- Bor Cattle Camp
- Lafon Minefield Clearance
- Dinka Bor, Nuer Peace Conference
- USG John Holmes Visit
- Whirling Dervishes of The Sufi
- Misseriya Circumcision Ceremony
- Pibor Clashes
- Assisting With Movement
- Misseriya Migration
- Dinka Cattle Camp, Abyei
- DDR Launched in Ed Damazin
- Polio Vaccinations
- Animal Welfare in Kadugli
- Children in Southern Kordofan


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