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19:24:58, Monday, 27 Mar 2017
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This page contains videos related to United Nations Mission in Sudan and related areas of interest.

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Independence baby  John Garang memorial     
 South Sudan / Le Roy  South Sudan / Ban Ki-Moon interview  Khartoum Reax Independence celebrations 
Ban Juba arrival  Eve of independence Ban meets Kiir  Midnight celebrations
South Sudan new flag  Farewell to troops visit by force commander  Juba first national football team training Ban Khartoum arrival 
Independence preps Sudan talks Khartoum Menkerios press conference Sudan independence Preparations
Turalel Displaced Abyei Dislaced     
Abyei Salva kiir Abyei  Abyei Patrols Teak 
 Security Council in juba     ABYEI SECURITY COUNCIL WRAP 
Security Council in juba Republic of South Sudan Jongelei State SC Mission Abyei Security Council Wrap
 Kordofan Ballot Counting  Cosing of Voting Southern Kordofan Elections winner Security Council Presser 
Juba ceasefire

         Sudan Polio

UN Fallen Staff Wrap

       JIU Dissolution

Velerie Amos Visit to Sudan Memorial Service For the Late Cpl.Muhammed Salim Akhtar World Aids Day Polio
UN Day in Khartoum
UN day in Khartoum Osman Ali Taha Press Conference

World refugee day celebrations in Khartoum

Sudan filmmakers
MIRAYA - the sound of Sudan Sudan's election result Reactions by observers on Sudan's Elections EU observer mission to Sudan preliminary findings
The Carter Center preliminary findings Sudan Vote Counting Voting in Eastern Sudan Salva Kiir Votes in Juba, Sudan
President Omar Al Bashir Votes Woman Presidential Candidate Abyei Voting Juba Ballot Counting
Women Election Awareness SPLM Boycott Election Call Center Sudan Election Extension
Juba Citizens Voting Sudan Election Campaigns Kick-off NEC Chairman Abel Alier announces start of Sudan's Historic Polls

Sudan Returnees

Referendum Focus
End of Vote Last Day Voting Polls Close  

Misseriya Dinka Talks Oldest Voter Annan in Juba Abyei Patrol
Salva kiir Abyei no Vote Observers Wrap Khartoum Voting Kick off
Mbeki in juba Rrally in juba Returnees Referendum Preparedness
Referendum Reax Wrap Bashir in Juba Peace Prayers Student Returnees
Abyei Returnees Juba Returnees Referendum Commission Abyei Security
Calls for Calm in Abyei Juba Vote Voting in LRA Wau Prison Vote
Referendum Security Citizenship Symposium SG's Referendum Panel Referendum Panel - MKapa Press Conference
 Ballots Voter Registration  Police Force
SSRC Media Campaign Launch Referendum commission

Referendum Panel Visit Juba

Southern Sudan Referendum Voter Registration
Referendum press conference UN security council arrive in Sudan Referendum Materials Handover in Juba UNIRED Referendum technical support
REFERENDA PREPARATION - "Operation Swift Shield"

Referendum materials arrive in Sudan

Referendum Materials Handover in Khartoum