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15:33:10, Monday, 27 Mar 2017
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Bor. Photo: UNMIS/Arpan Munier.

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General Information:
Bor is located within Jonglei State, Southern Sudan
Population: 221,000

Freedom Hotel (full board)
$100.00 per night
 +249955254882/ +24995514776
 *free wireless
Garden Hotel (full board)
$90.00 per night
Liberty Hotel (full board)
$75.00 per night  

*All other hotel/guesthouses in Bor are considered substandard
Vivacell, Zain, MTN and Canar mobile services available
Social Amenities:
Freedom Hotel and Garden Resort and Liberty hotel operate good restaurants. All other restaurants are not recommended.
Daily market services available
No taxis. Motor bikes for taxis and are 5 sdg per ride
Daily commercial flights are operated by companies in Juba
UNMIS Flights available – flight schedule and booking procedures attached
Key Facilities:
Local Police  

Local basic medical facilities  


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- UNMIS flight schedule

- Liability form

- NON-UN movement of personnel

- Policy and procedures on use of UNMIS flights by non-UN personnel



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Bor Map
Bor mine area