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13:42:43, Monday, 27 Mar 2017
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Akobo flooding kills two, destroys 133 homes

Severe flooding in Akobo County, Jonglei State, has caused the deaths of two people and destroyed 133 households, according to the report of a humanitarian team that visited the Walgak area.


Compiled jointly by the World Food Programme (WFP), Southern Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC), and non-governmental organizations, the Walgak Rapid Floods Assessment Report also notes that one person was paralyzed by a lightening strike, 43 goats died, and five schools were demolished in the flooding.

The report states that Akobo West has been flooded since 16 July. “The floods have come mainly as a result of heavy rains in Pibor County. The floods are believed to be flowing through the semi-desert area into Akobo West.”
There is an urgent need to provide tents and sleeping materials for affected households, according to the report. Food aid is also required, along with water purification, so that people will have clean water for drinking.
It also notes that three schools need urgent reconstruction and two others immediate renovation for education to continued in affected areas. In addition, roads need better drainage and culverts for water to pass from one side to another in avoiding further damage.
The report predicts that the flooding will last for several weeks. “It is expected that these floods will continue until early September based on the frequency of the rains, which means there will be more displacement and ruining of the harvest.”
The humanitarian team is continuously monitoring the situation for signs of any disease outbreak, as floods can create unhealthy living conditions.
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