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18:31:43, Saturday, 25 Mar 2017
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‘I will march straight home’
Uganda was one of eight foreign countries designated for voting in last month’s historic Southern Sudan referendum on self-determination. Nearly 99 per cent of the 58,203 ballots cast by Southern Sudanese living overseas backed the region’s secession from the rest of the country, and the 12,330 voters who trekked to polling centres in Uganda overwhelmingly embraced the separation option.
The future of oil
As the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) enters the final six months of the interim period of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the future of oil, its largest revenue earner, remains uncertain.
Rooms for rent
The Equatoria Hotel was the only lodging of its kind operating in what would become the Southern Sudanese capital of Juba when the country's peace accord was signed in January 2005.
Back to school
When Santino Mayen enrolled in a primary school in the Western Bahr El-Ghazal State capital of Wau in 2005, Southern Sudan was just beginning to recover from two decades of civil war that had crippled its educational system.
Southern Sudanese go to the polls
Jackson Joshua Jada walked up to a polling centre in the Kator district of Juba at 1 a.m. on 9 January to ensure he would be its first voter in Southern Sudan’s long-awaited referendum on self-determination.
A prisoner’s right to vote
The man was tall with a pearly white smile, dressed in reasonably clean, blue track pants and an off-white t-shirt. He was awaiting trial for murder, yet nothing about his face told a story of crime.
Help along the way
Tens of thousands of internally displaced Sudanese have been heading back to their southern roots with little more than a few household items and the shirts on their backs.
Catholicism in Wau
The flagship of the Roman Catholic Church in the greater Bahr El-Ghazal region of Southern Sudan is the cathedral of Wau. Opened in 1956, it is an imposing brick structure replete with cupola and rose window and ranks as the largest of Sudan’s five Catholic cathedrals.
Roaming Khartoum streets

Armed with clean sheets of paper and pencils, teenagers were drawing clouds, trees and solid houses in central Omdurman’s Felah Centre before returning to the streets, where most of them lived.

Countdown to referendum

A towering clock strategically positioned at a major roundabout in Juba counts down in days, minutes and seconds the time remaining before registered voters flock to the polls to cast ballots in next year’s self-determination referendum.

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