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18:31:57, Saturday, 25 Mar 2017
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Educating the electorate
Local organizations in Southern Sudan have launched education campaigns ahead of what could prove to be the most important vote in the region’s history.
Securing the referendum
When the John Garang Unified Memorial Police Training Academy opened its doors last January, the facilities awaiting the first group of 6,000 cadets were rudimentary, to say the least.
Future victories
An avid soccer-player, 10-year-old Fatkhi has been sitting on the sidelines since he received a hard blow to his leg during a game several weeks ago.
Volunteering for Southern Sudan’s referendum
Dinah Kayumba is no stranger to elections, Sudan or assignments as a United Nations Volunteer (UNV).
Back to the roots

When AnyiethManyang D’Awol travelled around Southern Sudan over a year ago, ranking high on her to-do list was the purchase of traditional handicrafts from its various regions.

A culture of clean

While many struggling areas of Southern Sudan focus on vital needs like food, shelter and health, residents of Wau have made cleanliness one of their top priorities.

On every corner
Gone are the days just a few years ago when UN and relief agency 4x4s seemed to dominate the potholed, mainly dirt streets of Khartoum.
The voice of Miraya
A proud and smiling Sheila Keji Modi recalled that she and a fellow reporter were the first voices to be heard on Radio Miraya.
Boating on the Nile

With the help of a few oil drums and pieces of iron, a Malakal man has transformed travel in Upper Nile State during the rainy season.

Keeping roads open

Like so many other overland routes in Southern Sudan, the road from the Central Equatoria State town of Yei to the border town of Kaya is out of service for several months of the year during the region’s rainy season.


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