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18:32:14, Saturday, 25 Mar 2017
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Filling southern skies
Before Sudan’s peace accord was signed five years ago, the only aircraft allowed to land at Juba International Airport belonged to the Sudanese Armed Forces and international aid agencies.
The voice of Southern Sudan
A proud and smiling Sheila Keji Modi recalled that she and a fellow reporter were the first voices to be heard on Radio Miraya.
Windows to the world
Twelve-year-old Sedigah saw her mother, Ashadom, for the first time in eight years when she woke up from an eye operation at a hospital in Mornei, West Darfur.
From baskets to schools
Before his untimely death earlier this year, former basketball star Manute Bol had become a legacy in Southern Sudan for more than just playing the hoops.
The forgotten land
Any residual effects of development trickling out of the booming Southern Sudanese capital of Juba seem to have avoided Terekeka County, Central Equatoria State, located only 51 miles away.
Beds, nurses and drugs

Devastated by Sudan’s long-running civil war, the health sector in Ed Damazin is struggling with limited space, medical staff and drugs as well as a disease-infested environment.

World Cup in Africa
The first-ever World Cup football tournament to be held on African soil gripped Sudanese fans of the sport from the moment the inaugural game between South Africa and Mexico kicked off in Johannesburg’s Soccer City Stadium on 11 June. Legions of aficionados filed into neighbourhood cafes in Khartoum and bars in Juba each day to follow the action on television screens big and small.
High-tech in health
The health sector in Southern Sudan is going high-tech.
Revamping postal services
While the internet has laid siege to postal services in many countries, the sector remains vital in Sudan, where less than 10 per cent of the population are online.
Trumpets, drums and copper sheets
As a part-time English-language newscaster for South Sudan Radio at its studios in the city of Wau, Emmanuel Ujang is thoroughly acquainted with the scope and penetration of modern mass media.
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