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18:32:05, Saturday, 25 Mar 2017
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Pride of the Dinka Bor
Women and children covered in white ash from burnt cow dung eagerly welcomed herds of cattle back into kraals (enclosure for livestock) at the Wundor Cattle Camp in Bor, Jonglei State, after a day’s grazing. 
Transport on four legs

Most Khartoum cabbies generally move people around the Sudanese capital on taxis, mini-buses and rickshaws.

A dash of Cuba in Juba

Luna llena no me puedes decir si por algo el espera para mi amor hace mucho que lo ando buscando si lo ves dile que es…

Tradition vs. technology
Most young people in Sudan’s greater Bahr El-Ghazal region are increasingly shunning traditional games, song and dance as their preferred means of relaxation.
CPA parties agree to demilitarize Abyei, but Southern Kordofan still tense
20 June 2011 – The Government of Sudan and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) agreed today in Addis Ababa to withdraw their troops from Abyei and set up a temporary administration for the area.
Mummies, medicine and Coca Cola
A primary export with uses ranging from mummification to fizzy drink production, gum arabic in Sudan has experienced a turbulent ride on world markets amid controversial pricing at home.
Sudan in ink
Chinese oil worker Su Ning had only a vague idea where Sudan was and knew almost nothing about it before his arrival in Khartoum in 2002.
In need of water
Rapid growth in Western Bahr-El Ghazal and Warrap states over the past few years has put a huge strain on its meagre water and sanitation facilities.
One block at a time
Disarmed civilians in Akobo County, Jonglei State, have turned to cement block-making to support their families, rather than rustling their neighbours’ cattle.
Vision of reality
Sitting in the Goethe Institute’s garden on a mellow, winter morning, renowned Iraqi director Kasim Abid told In Sudan what he was teaching Sudanese film students -- the need for vision as well as technique.
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