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18:32:19, Saturday, 25 Mar 2017
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Human rights behind bars

The advent of peace in Southern Sudan has produced few advances in the status of prisoners’ human rights.

Open air classes

Every weekday just after sunrise, Daniel James heads out for a four-mile trek to arrive on time at Ikpiro Primary School on the outskirts of Yambio, Western Equatoria State.

A calm oasis
Entering a small, deep blue room with comfortable couches and a large painting of the same colour at the Rashid Diab Arts Centre in Khartoum, one cannot help but feel serenity and calm.
Just two tents

Col. Ashraf Ouf served as chief military personnel officer at UNMIS for nearly three years. Prior to arriving in Sudan in August 2006, the Egyptian army officer had completed two stints with a UN peacekeeping mission in Angola. Before recently returning to his native country, Col. Ouf spoke with the Juba-based UNMIS military public information officer Capt. Mustafa Abdelmageed about his experiences in Sudan.

From hoes to oxen

Farmers in five counties of Central and Eastern Equatoria states are throwing away their labour-intensive hoes and putting oxen to work in plowing the land.

Only one guitar

Musicians in Southern Sudan lack support to build up the industry

Budding musicians in Southern Sudan face an uphill struggle in an industry suffering a lack of funding, equipment and studios as well as stiff competition from outside performers.

Black Gold

Once a month, 10 men file into a conference room in a two-story villa overlooking the waters of the Blue Nile in Khartoum to sift the latest financial data of Sudan’s most important industry.

Disposing of guns brings relief to some ex-combatants

As they lined up to deposit their old, battered guns into a large metal container at the UNMIS disarmament and demobilization site in the city of Kadugli, several ex-combatants spoke of plans to invest their forthcoming financial compensation in farming.

What to wear?

For the second time in three months, a county commissioner in Southern Sudan has promulgated a ban on the wearing of certain types of clothing in public.

Forgiving sets you free



Chatting over the phone from his London residence, hip hop singer Emmanuel Jal said he originally wanted to be an engineer, someone who worked with machinery.

Internationally acclaimed singer Emmanuel Jal tells his story


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