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11:20:33, Thursday, 23 Mar 2017
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Press accreditation cards can be obtained from the UNMIS Spokesperson's office. Applicants are required to have the following items with them:

  • UNMIS registration form. (Click here to download and fill the form)
  • Valid Passport or photo ID card.
  • Original letter of accreditation/introduction from the editor/director (see details below)
  • Two (2) passport-size color photographs.

In case of renewal:

  • Valid Passport or photo ID card
  • Previously held UNMIS Press Accreditation Card.
  • A new letter of accreditation/introduction is required as well as a form signed by an UNMIS point of contact.

The letter of introduction from director/editor of agency should include the following information:

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Nationality, passport or photo ID number
  • Duration of assignment
  • Professional title e.g. Reporter, Cameraman, Photographer (drivers and interpreters are not entitled to accreditation)
  • A statement that the media agency will be fully responsible in the event of any misuse or abuse of the UNMIS Press Accreditation Card issued to the applicant
  • Printed name, position and signature of the chief editor, bureau chief, department chief or executive producer, contact telephone/fax number/email and the address of the agency
  • A brief description of the applicant’s assignment 
Statement for Media Professionals:

 The UNMIS Spokesperson retains the right to request substantial evidence of the applicant’s journalistic background. This may include original published articles, videotapes, published photos etc.

The UNMIS Spokesperson must be notified at least one working day before the arrival of the applicant at the UNMIS Spokesperson's Office. Any delay in the issuing of the press accreditation card will not be the responsibility of the Spokesperson's Office.