State Information: Abyei Area

Photo: UNMIS/Frederick Noy

General Information:

Abyei is located within the southern portion of the Southern Kordofan State, Sudan
Population: 52,000
The heavy rains that occurred previously caused the deterioration of roads leading to both the North and South. Some are even inaccessible thereby hampering movements of commuters. In addition, though light vehicles can now access the road from the northern portion of Abyei (Diffra) some heavy vehicles were reported to be stranded along some portions of the road in Nyama.
The Main local language in Abyei Area is Dinka but Arabic is the official government language


No hotel or guesthouse services available in Abyei


Zain / MTN have mobile coverage only. No internet services.
Zain is currently constructing a tower in the UNMIS Abyei compound to provide internet. Time when it will start the service is not known

Social Amenities:

No social place - only limited, very informal eating places
Small bars and beer outlets are in place
Shops with only very basic stock available
Market is open daily but very few food items are available.


No commercial flights available
No local bus / taxi services, however there a few taxis that run between Abyei and Agok
UNMIS flights available – weekly flight schedule and booking procedures attached.

Key Facilities:

Local Police:

There two police stations in Abyei and Agok and five police posts located at Makere Abiroro Tanyalii, Nooog, Mariala achak and Rumamere. Contact details not available.

Local medical facilities: 

There is Abyei hospital but it is not sufficiently equipped and lacks qualified doctors, therefore is not capable of handling serious cases.  Basic primary health clinic operated by MSF is available. Contact information not available.