State Information: Eastern Equatoria State

Photo: UNMIS/Tim McKulka


General Information:

The town of Magwi is located in Magwi County, Eastern Equatorial State, Southern Sudan

Population: 169,000
Climate: is Equatorial Climate
Attitude: 34/35 degrees Celsius
Language: Acholi/English
According to the UNMIS JLOC recce report dated 17 June 10, no insecurity reported in the area except for cattle raiders. No UN agency has been established in Magwi, there are some INGO’s and Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) located within proximity.
The road link between Torit and Magwi is accessible in rainy and dry season and the distance is 35 kms.
No domestic electricity, individual generators only
Water source supply is via well
Magwi Guesthouse 20 sdg per night No contact details available
Magwi Lodge 15-20 sdg per night No contact details available
Sudani and Zain Network – for mobile phone only
Social Amenities:
Restaurants available:
Gloryland; average prices: Food 5-25 sdgPhone 0128781006
Ojok Jastin: average prices: Food 5-25 sdg(recommended by UN staff)
Gosmart: average prices 20-25 sdg
*Market open 7 days a week 6am – 8pm, Sundays from 10.00am
Fruit, vegetables, basic goods available
Bodabodas 2 sdg within town (motorcycle)
Bus for rent to Juba or Nimule
Fuel available – diesel/petrol
No commercial or UNMIS flights only sporadic NGO flights
Key Facilities:
Magwi Police
Contact: S/M Achira Vincent - Tel: +249112161987
Magwi Hospital (basic care)

NGO basic medical facility available / pharmacy


General Information:

Riwoto is located within Eastern Equatorial State, Southern Sudan
Population: not available
Riwoto is relatively calm and peaceful place without any security incidents reported in recent times, with exception to sporadic cattle raiding and abduction of local children by other local tribes (as per UNMIS JLOC recce report dated 17 June 10). No UN agencies in the community, however INGO’s are present in the area (Save the Children, Carter Center Diocese of Torit).
Commissioner’s Name: HE. Lokai Iko Contact: +249910026027
There are road links accessible in both rainy and dry season to Torit and Kapeota.
Limited/no domestic electricity
Water source supply is via well
There is no accommodation in Riwoto and therefore recommended that if required, accommodation be taken in Kapoeta at the W.F.P and Mango Camp which is 20usd.
Zain reception very poor, recommend Thuraya
Social Amenities:
Very basic daily market facilities with limited goods for sale with sporadic operating times
Local bus is available to/from Kapeota (20kms distance)
Key Facilities:
Basic medical clinic is available attended by a nurse
Police Station contact details:
Col James  +249919579706
County Executive Name: Tito +249914016820
Assistance from Kapoeta town (Kapoeta South) is also available


General Information:
Torit is located within Eastern Equatorial State, Southern Sudan
Population: 99,000
Languages: English, Arabic
Native Languages: Latuko, Acholi, Madi, Toposa.
Climate; Equatorial; November and December Temp up to 34 Celsius
Road Links: Torit -Magwi is 35km and Torit-Nimule is 175km
From Torit to South West you go to Uganda through Magwi.
Torit to the South East you go through Ikotos up to Uganda as well and to the East you go to Kenya through Kapoita, Narusi, and Logi.


Hotel Torit Govt. Rate 110sdg per night Contact: +249955031959
Eastern Equatorial Quest House Private Rate 50 sdg per night No Contact details available
Kinate Lodge Private Rate 50 sdg per night Contact: +249955080038
Safari Link Hotel Private Rate 50 sdg per night No Contact details available
Lokinan Hotel Rates not known Contact: +24995505384
 - Zain Network
 - MTN
 - VIVACEL Network
 - Sudani network
 - GemTel communication Company Ltd
 - Mobile and internet coverage
Social Amenities:
Restaurants and daily market available 7 days a week
Charter flights available
Taxis: Internally the rate is 10 sdg per a trip. Bodabodas (motorcycles) are also available
Bus: Rate per a person is 50 sdg to Juba
UNMIS flights available, flight schedule and booking procedures attached
Key Facilities:
State Police Station - Contact details not available
Torit Civil Hospital (basic care) – Contact details not available