07 July - SRSG Qazi urges the parties in Abyei to assure the communities

20 Jul 2009

07 July - SRSG Qazi urges the parties in Abyei to assure the communities

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Sudan, Ashraf Qazi, visited Abyei today for meetings with the local administration officials, UN senior staff members and peace-keepers.

"We have learned from the experience of the past and of what happened last year. Now we are in a better position, given the cooperation of all concerned, to ensure that the people of Abyei are secure", said Mr. Qazi this afternoon at the end of his one-day visit to the area.

The SRSG met with the Chief of Abyei Area Administration, Arop Moyak; the Deputy Administrator, Rahman Abderahman Al-Nour; the Speaker of the Legislative Council, Charles Abyei; Deputy Speaker, Zakaria Atem; senior members of the Area Joint Military Committee (AJMC), Lt.Col.Zafir Omer (Sudan Armed Forces), Colonel. Jacob Wai (Sudan People's Liberation Army) and the commanders of the Joint Integrated Units (JIUs) and Joint Integrated Police Units (JIPUs) respectively, Colonel Mahmoud Abu-Sarah and Colonel Luka Deng. He also met with the Paramount Dinka Ngok Chief, Amir Kual.

During his talks in Abyei, Mr. Qazi discussed various issues relating to the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace agreement (CPA), Abyei Road Map and how to make further progress on the outstanding issues. "The Abyei situation is entering a very important phase with the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) is expected to render its verdict soon, so I used this visit to meet with all concerned", said Mr. Qazi.

He also urged upon the parties to concentrate their effort to assure the communities in Abyei, adding that UNMIS will continue its efforts to support the local administration and the people of Abyei in bringing a durable peace.

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