22 July - Qazi welcomes the PCA award on Abyei

11 Jan 2010

22 July - Qazi welcomes the PCA award on Abyei

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for the Sudan Ashraf Qazi congratulated the parties to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) for completing the Abyei Arbitration process in the Permanent Court of Arbitration, noting that their commitment to uphold the decision reflects their respect for the rule of law and their desire for peace.

"This decision clearly demonstrates that, even on the most difficult and sensitive of disputes, the parties can find a peaceful solution if they work together in good faith," said Qazi. Speaking in Abyei town shortly after the PCA announced its decision, Mr. Qazi underlined the importance of a clear and final resolution of Abyei's boundaries. "Both parties have agreed that this question is now settled. I call on all involved to cooperate to implement the decision according to the plan the parties adopted in recent talks and to guarantee the long term interests of the people of the region in accordance with the CPA," he said. "As always, UNMIS stands ready to assist the parties and the local communities in these efforts."

Mr. Qazi emphasized that the decision's primary practical impact will be upon the administrative definition of the Abyei Area. While the court decision will pave the way for progress on political, security, and development issues, it should in no way disrupt day to day life in Abyei and surrounding areas. "The Ngok-Dinka and Misseriya will have all the rights guaranteed to them by the CPA and the Interim Constitution, as will all of Abyei's people. The tribes and communities that have lived together and found ways to resolve their differences for so long will continue to do so," Mr. Qazi added.

Mr. Qazi expressed his hope that the resolution of the Abyei issue now will foster a spirit of increased cooperation between the parties as they face the remaining milestones in the implementation of the CPA.

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