29 October - UNMIS Support to Voter Registration Process

1 Nov 2009

29 October - UNMIS Support to Voter Registration Process

The United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are embarking on the country's largest-ever delivery of voter registration materials in preparation for Sudan's voter registration exercise, scheduled to commence 1 November.

In total, 117,880 kilos of materials will be delivered to locations identified by the National Elections Commission (NEC):

  • 67,500 kilos of registration kits
  • 43,000 kilos of registration forms
  • 4,000 pieces of tarpaulin and rope weighing 20 tons
  • 780 voter registration training kits weighing 2,500 kilos
  • 2,600 kilos of training books for registration staff

An additional 26 generators, office furniture and communications equipment will also be delivered to complete the establishment of 25 NEC State High Committee offices.

While transportation to the 25 state capitals will be funded by UNDP, the operational planning and final delivery of the materials to 43 inaccessible and remote locations in Southern Sudan and Southern Kordofan is being done with the support of UNMIS air assets. These flights will also transport National Election Commission officers to remote constituencies to train staff on the basic rules and procedures of voter registration.

Meanwhile, UNAMID will deliver voter registration materials to 10 isolated areas in Northern and Western Darfur.

"We're hopeful that this logistical assistance to NEC will enable the Commission to establish registration centers that enable more people to register and later to vote. This will bring the country one step closer to a large-scale democratic polling exercise in 2010," said Ray Kennedy, UNMIS' Chief Electoral Affairs Officer.

NEC requested UNMIS to assist with logistics and operational planning, electoral materials, training and capacity building of staff in support of the upcoming general elections. UNMIS is mandated to provide technical assistance and support for electoral preparations for the CPA-mandated elections.

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