Ballot box retrieval begins in Upper Nile

19 Apr 2010

Ballot box retrieval begins in Upper Nile

Ballot boxes used in Sudan's historic elections had been retrieved from 83 Upper Nile State polling stations by the third day of the collection on 19 April, according to an UNMIS official.

"The State High Committee (SHC) has received ballot boxes from 83 polling stations within six constituencies, including South, North, East, and Central Malakal, Akoka, and Abwong," said UNMIS Electoral Assistance Division (EAD) Officer Giovanni Cabrera.

The same day, the SHC was expecting additional ballot boxes from five other constituencies. The state has a total of 536 polling stations and 29 constituencies.

At the request of the National Elections Commission, UNMIS has arranged special flights to assist the SHC in retrieving ballot boxes. "We have three special flights coming today ... and seven flights tomorrow, so the schedule is very tight," said EAD Logistic Officer Ann Sewanyana.

"Ballots from Wadakona, Bunj, and Jalhak constituencies will be brought in by UNMIS helicopter and the rest will arrive by boat and road, such as the ones from Panyikang and Fashoda constituencies," said Mr. Cabrera.