Indians hold medical and vet camps in Abyei

10 Apr 2011

Indians hold medical and vet camps in Abyei

6 April 2011 - Recognizing the lack of medical facilities in Abyei, The UNMIS Indian Force Reserve Battalion (FRB) launched a series of free medical/veterinary camps in the area from 3 to 6 April.

On 3 April, a team consisting of 2 medical officers, 1 vet officer and 12 support staff arrived in Abyei from Kadugli. The initial day of camps was inaugurated at Freedom Square by Deputy Chief Administrator Mario Kual Monyluak Dak in a ceremony attended by UNMIS and local government officials.

Mr. Dak lauded the camps as a project aimed at establishing a close rapport with the locals. "I am mighty overwhelmed by this great gesture by the FRB," he said.

That day, a total of 431 people were treated, 197 women and 98 children, and 1,145 animals.

The second day, a medical clinic was organized at the Joint Integrated Unit camp in Noong. Some 195 soldiers out of total 210 present in the camp turned up for health checkups and treatment.

The team shifted to Agok on 6 April, setting up a medical and veterinary camp that treated 275 people, including 88 men, 115 women and 82 children, as well as 764 sheep, goats and donkeys.

Under the command of Lt. Col.Jayanta Borah, the camp offered ECG (electro cardio gram) and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities on site, which carried out malaria and anaemia surveys as well as urine, blood and cholesterol tests.
The veterinary staff, led by Lt Col Jagdish Muddappa, carried out various treatments, including disease diagnostic support, de-worming and vaccinations.