UNMIS treats over 1,500 animals in Tonga

9 May 2011

UNMIS treats over 1,500 animals in Tonga

29 April 2011 -- Continuing its efforts to provide medical services to needy communities, the UNMIS Indian contingent completed a veterinary camp in a remote area north of the River Nile in Upper Nile State today.

Part of a force protection unit on long duration patrol, the veterinary team treated 1,570 cattle, sheep, goats and donkeys in Tonga region of Panikyang County.

As word spread in Tonga about the camp, people thronged the area along with their animals.

Mass deworming was carried out at various locations on the outskirts of Tonga and sick animals were given specific treatment with antibiotics and other drugs for ailments like parasitic disorders, tick-borne skin diseases, injuries, eye infections and contagious diseases.

Weak and debilitated animals were administered with multivitamins, minerals, liver tonics and appetizers for improving their health. A minor operation to surgically remove a tumor in a cow was also performed.

"We are thankful to Indian Batallion of UNMIS for deworming our livestock before the rainy season," said Panikyang County Commissioner Gabriel Ojago. "This free medication will improve the health of our livestock and bring prosperity to the owners."

Veterinary assistant Chanjyok Kaiyer said, "Such mass veterinary aid camps will reduce incidence of diseases and make their cattle healthier."