UNV volunteers on the Roaming Roads Maintenance programme

1 Nov 2011

UNV volunteers on the Roaming Roads Maintenance programme

Stephen Aguuta (Ghana), John Balele (Tanzania), Adnan Hamzie (Sierra Leone), Christophe Kahuongo (Democratic Republic of Congo), Basile Kassahoga (Central African Republic), Apollo Paul (Nigeria) and Peter Tengbeh (Sierra Leone) are the UNV volunteer component of the UNMIS team working on the Roaming Roads Maintenance Programme (RRMP) in Southern Sudan.

These engineers, heavy duty mechanics and drivers have between 15 and 40 years of professional experience and joined UNMIS in mid 2007.

The UNMIS formed and run RRMP project is currently tasked with the rehabilitation and upgrading of 94 km long section of the Juba - Yei - Kaya road between Yei Airstrip and Kaya through the Yei Town. The approximately 240 km long Kaya - Juba road is one of the most important roads linking South Sudan and a change to the neighboring countries of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

"Your work as a team has been tremendous and much appreciated. All credit goes to you guys there, in the bush, trying to shine the picture of the UN in the area" says Georges Bou Saba, Regional Engineer.

"This project is significant for the profile of UNMIS. The impact of your work has immediate results in the areas where you work. It is work like yours that will leave a lasting impression in the communities" added Noel Ngaha, Logistics Officer, Regional Joint Logistics Operations Centre.